Friday, June 10, 2016

Star Trek Trexels Updates

News and updates for the Trexels mobile app.

The Epicrom Farm Closes: I've been so busy with Skirmish that I haven't been farming and leveling my officers. Today, I tried the old Epicrom farm, which not only gives all four officers skill points but potentially millions of power, command, and research. Much to my sadness, the farm has closed. You no longer get incremental rewards for this away mission.

Skirmish Power Hour: The Skirmish Power Hour gives extra rewards for Skirmish. I was disappointed with it, though, because it only doubles the badges you win. That is not a huge deal. So, it's nice to have those extra badges to offset the cost of repairs but it isn't a motivator in itself to play during that time period.

The Gorn Assimilated Event: Event rewards are crazy good. This event starts the evening on 6/10/16 and I'm looking forward to getting more rare and powerful rewards. According to the Trexels FB page, the reward is a The Gorn MA12 Class Cruiser.

Skirmish Ship Guide: The Skirmish ship guide has been updated to level IV. According to one player, you need to win 850 battles (yikes!) to get to Battle Group V. That's... gonna take a while.

Skirmish Officer Guide: Although the table is updated, I need to update the other sections. I believe I still have the Kirk card as giving four extra cards instead of two.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Star Trek Trexels Updates

Trexel Skirmish Guides

I've posted three new pages for Trexels Skirmish:

Star Trek Trexels Skirmish Ships
Star Trek Trexels Skirmish Defense Cards
Star Trek Trexels Skirmish Attack Cards

A fourth, for Officer Cards, will be coming very soon.

Stacking and Selling Junk Cards

One of the most frustrating parts of Trexels Skirmish is the sheer number of cards in your deck. It takes (seemingly) forever to find the right ship as you continue to scroll two ships at a time through two-hundred ships. Cards are a little better because you can simply equip the ones you don't want anymore on ships you don't want any more.

But good news came from an administrator on Yes Gnome's Trexels forum:
"the ability to sort and sell ships and stack cards is already being implemented so you won’t have to scroll through all the ships and cards you have. This will be part of our next update which will be out by early May [2016]."
Awesome! Can't wait.

The Nebula

Star Trek Trexels
USS Nebula
The USS Nebula just showed up on my deck and I thought it was a rare card I got by chance. However, a commenter on the ship guide page pointed out that you get the Nebula for simply getting to Battle Group II. This ship lasted me all the way through BGIII.

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Star Trek Trexels Battle Group III Update

Trexels added several new ships to Battle Group III just today! These are much hardier that the previous BGIII ships and they can equip a single tier 3 card each.

Click: Star Trek Trexels Skirmish Ships. Opens in a new window.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Star Trek Trexels Skirmish Ships

Star Trek Trexels
Load Screen
I had tables for Battle Groups I to III listed here on this blog. I moved them to another site because of a cleaner layout on that site and also a much better mobile view.

Click: Star Trek Trexels Skirmish Ships. Opens in a new window.

The page has a nice layout for ships listing most of the stats.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Changelog 2015.11.03a, b

Changes to DragonFable ID#s Page

a) Distinguished and Veteran character updates

Abraham Kim changed to Riftwalker.
KOOL now level 54.

b) All other character updated

black promoted to Veteran status, level 51.
Strove now level 46, changed to Paladin.
Ifghar now active, level 45, changed to Guardian.
verscera now level 43, upgraded to DA-DK, changed to Kathool Adept.
Myron Reaper now level 40, upgraded to DA-MDK.
Kelen now level 41.
Endymion now level 40, upgraded to DA-MDK.
Drakath now level 40, changed to DragonLord.
syler now level 37, changed to Avatar of Time.
lolliepop now active, level 34.
Asassin now level 26.
dracos now active, level 25.
carnax to right position, now active.

Monday, November 02, 2015

Changelog 2015.11.01a, b

Changes to DragonFable ID#s Page

a) Legendary characters updated

Ash Dragonblade changed to Boy Wonder.
AshBlade changed to Ascended ChickenCow, now active.
Chaos Dracos changed to Ascended ChickenCow
Dark Hydron now active.
Devourer changed name to Demise, upgraded to Master Doom Knight, and changed to Doom Knight.
doom maker changed to Kathool Adept.
dragonight upgraded to Master Doom Knight.
Fuego upgraded to Master Doom Knight.
GINTAMA changed to Master SoulWeaver.
Illidan changed to Pyromancer, now a PvP Grandmaster.
Link to Michael fixed.
NaPoLieoN now active.
NickelBottom changed to Death Knight.
noah upgraded to Master Doom Knight, changed to Doom Knight.
ROOPNEET now inactive.
Seii Taishogun changed to Shadow Hunter.
Sergio changed to Doom Knight, now active.
Sky changed to Death Knight.
trandangdung now Master SoulWeaver.
Xarc now active.
Zero upgraded to Doom Knight.

b) Heroic characters promoted and updated

shachak promoted to Legendary status.
zxv now level 76, changed to SoulWeaver.
paladin promoted to Legendary status, changed to Death Knight.
Kiado now level 76, changed to Doom Knight.
Zeke changed to Warrior.
Lord Vengeance now active.
Reece now level 72.
cyber now level 74.
Kristy now level 72.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

DragonFable IDs and More

I realized that it's been nearly a year since I updated the DragonFable ID page. I'll work on that over the weekend. Hopefully breathing new life into it will lead more people here so I can add their IDs.

Also, holycrap, do I have a lot of out-dated AQWorlds content. I'll have to archive it since I don't have any intention on updating it. I just got burned out on AQW and don't plan on playing any more. I'm keeping my main account, though, in case I change my mind.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Games I'm Playing

SFTs Icon
Wow, it's been almost a year! Here's a quick rundown on what I'm playing:

Space Engineers: This game starts slow. It looked awesome watching other players go at it, but it's not so awesome when you're in a learning curve. I'm not quite sure yet if I've wasted the $25 on this game.

Minecraft FTB Lite: This mod was the only one that didn't slow my FPS to unplayable levels. It's a ton of fun, though. For the most part, I just wanted a little something beyond vanilla. Because this mod adds a ton of ores, it's sort of annoying.

Minecraft Vanilla: I love how the next update is shaping up! I'm playing the snapshots right now and it's a lot of fun. If they added scythes or sickles to this update I would probably never use a mod again!

Star Trek Trexels: This is an app that I've had for a while but stopped playing because it came to a grinding, miserable halt... because of the grinding. But I've discovered a couple things that really picked the pace up for me and made the game fun again. Mostly, it's the use of the Holodeck to over a million in resources. Also, upgrading to a Galaxy Class ship doubles rewards in the space garbage mini game, including those ever valuable dilithium crystals.

Bloons Tower Defense 5: Just when I think I'm going to give this game up forever, Ninja Kiwi updates it to make it interesting again. There's a new update I haven't tried yet. Something to do with Masteries Mode. Also, the Monkey Lab got updated. From what I understand, I need to get the bronze medal on all tracks to start the Masteries.

Here's what I'm doing right now: I'm getting all the apps I need to update this blog on the mobile. I travel a lot but never bothered to learn how to blog from my phone or iPad. Then we'll get into some game playing funness!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Live Streaming and Other Stuff

So deddi hooked me up with software to do some live streaming on Twitch. All I need now is a decent headset and I can start streaming again. I'm looking forward to it. The game I want to stream isn't being streamed by anyone else right now- the last time was 3 months ago.

Adsense on Mobile

I noticed that there are Google Adsense ads on my blog here when you view the site on a mobile device. I think I disabled it. To be clear, I didn't put it there. It was there by default.

Games I'm Playing

Right now I'm playing Minecraft on PC and mobile. To kill time I'm playing Tiny Tower, Star Trek Trexles, and Bloons Tower Defense 5 on mobile.

I'm also looking to get Stonehearth in a few weeks. It's a little pricey at $30 for an Alpha build but I've seen PSJ play it on YouTube (below) and it looks like a ton of fun.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Changelog 2014.12.07a, b

Changes to the DragonFable ID#s page:

A) Heroic Characters updated. Placed in order by level, last updated. Links now open in new window.

shachak now level 77.
zxv now level 75.
Zarekith changed name to Kaido, upgraded to Master Doom Knight, and changed to DragonRogue.
Dragonix now level 73, changed to Evolved Pumpkinlord.
Reece is inactive.

B) Veteran Characters updated. Font made larger.

Link to Tango fixed.
DragonLord changed to Warrior.
dragon slayer inactive.
Danny inactive.
Abraham Kim changed to Warrior.
black now level 47.
Strove now level 45.
Link for Ifghar fixed.
Myron Reaper's name fixed.
Endymion now level 38.
Harcos now active.
a now active.
lolliepop now inactive.
Link for syler fixed.
syler now level 35, changed to Death Knight.
Saber now level 30, changed to Cryptic.
Link for Longsword fixed.
carnax now inactive.
Sakura now active.
Athenadite now level 19, now active.
Character "Isaac" deleted.